Can you use CO2 emission permits to compensate for your personal carbon footprint?

It is not Carbonkiller's objective to balance out individuals carbon footprint. The carbon destruction service is above all a way of campaigning and increasing pressure on decision makers to put a meaningful price on pollution and to meet the important goals set in the Paris agreement to keep the worldwide rise in temperature below 1,5 degrees centigrade.

The dynamics of the global trade of emission certificates is to compllicated to be able to conclude that you can compensate your own CO2 emissions by destroying a CO2 certificate. But when the purchase of a CO2 certificate through CarbonKiller - combined with a campaign for an improved EU ETS - leads to more scarcity of certificates in the market, it will have an effect. It will drive up the price creating an incentive for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. 

In addition, national government are obliged to spend the revenues from ETS auctions on climate policy (this will go up to 100% of revenues in the Fit For 55 package). This means that when you buy a CO2 certificate, this money will have to be used for climate action!

Of course, it is much better if you avoid emitting carbon altogether, instead of joining carbon offset programs. However, that's not entirely possible. If you drive a car, board an airliner every now and then or eat meat or cheese, you emit CO2. With our tool you can calculate how much carbon dioxide is associated with your behaviour. Through CarbonKiller you can directly remove those tonnes from the market.


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