How does Carbonkiller buy and remove CO2 emission permits, and how do they prove this?

  • With CO2 emission permits, in the context of Carbonkiller, we always refer to European Union Permits (EUAs) from the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).
  • You effectively buy CO2 emission permits that we will destroy upon purchase. Once the purchase is completed it cannot be reversed.

That's in short how Carbonkiller works.

WISE, the initiator of Carbonkiller, orders a registered dealer to buy emission permits (European Union Permits, EUA’s, to be exact) from the emissions trading system and to destroy them. The dealer will provide a print screen of the registration within the ‘EU carbon registry’. The registration can also be viewed in the ‘EU Transaction Log (EUTL)’.

Emission permits are traded by the thousands every day, since the permits are intended for the large-scale polluters. WISE also buys large quantities (batches) and destroys them in advance. To make this process completely transparent, we mention these three things with every transaction:

  1. Transaction ID

This concerns the ‘batch’ the emission permits are part of, the official reference number of the European Union (transaction ID). A proof that this batch was bought and destroyed can be downloaded with each purchase.

  1. Tracking ID

This number indicates how many and exactly which emission permits from the large 'batch' were assigned to you. You can see it as a unique tracking number. The tracking ID has the prefix 'CK', which stands for Carbonkiller.

  1. Time Stamp

A time stamp is also generated for each order that indicates precisely when you bought the emission permits.

Everyone who destroys emission permits via Carbonkiller receives a certificate (pdf) that mentions the Transaction ID, the Tracking ID and the Time Stamp. On our site we also keep a CO2-register that lists all our transactions.


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