Other initiatives have stopped selling emission permits to private persons. Why does Carbonkiller continue its campaign?

In 2018 the so-called Market Stability Reserve (MSR) passed into law. This mechanism adjusts the annual supply of CO2 emission permits based on the CO2 permits in circulation to correct the imbalances in supply and demand in the European carbon market. This implies that if you buy CO2 emission permits now and 'destroy' them, there will be (in 2023) less permist in circulating left for the MSR to be destroyed. You may ask yourself the question what the net effect of your individual action will be in the end.

The initiatives Carbon Alt Delete, and The Compensators aimed fully at compensating your personal carbon footprint. They could no longer guarantee carbon offset because of this new mechanism. The perspective of this change in EU’s Emissions Trading System therefore was enough reason to stop their activities.

Carbonkiller mission is a different one. We want to campaign and to pressure politicians to act and put a price on pollution. We welcome the reforms as a step in the right direction, but we believe we're not there yet by a long shot. The act of buying and destroying CO2 permits by individuals, businesses and organisations is therefore a necessary campaigning tool. We don't promote it as a measure for reducing personal carbon footprints. Hence, we do not see the changes proposed by the European Commission as a reason to halt our activities. Increased social pressure on decision makers is needed to make sure they make meaningful changes to the system and Europe meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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