Should the government buy up CO2 permits?

There are too many CO2-emission permits on the market: one could speak of a CO2 'bubble'. With our campaign we want to call on everybody to shake up the EU’s Emission Trading System by destroying CO2 emission permits.  

European member states can also take proper action. This can be done as follows: 

In 2017 the European Parliament has come to an agreement with the EU member states regarding revision of the EU’s Emissions Trading System. Member States can reduce their auctioning volumes when emission permits become redundant due to the closure of coal-fired power plants or further extension of renewables energies. In doing so, member states avoid a further increase in the oversupply of permits and would fully offset the indirect waterbed effects. In these cases, European member states should cancel carbon credits unilaterally or through regional cooperation.

The Dutch government stated they are not willing to do so with the upcoming closures of coal-fired power plants. This is a missed opportunity in the race to decarbonize our industries. If the Dutch government was truthful in their intention to decrease CO2 emissions, they should have taken these rights out of the market. 

Therefor, buying up CO2 permits through Carbonkiller remains an important tool to show the Dutch and European governments that European citizens demand a reduction in the number of permits in circulation. 


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