What does Carbonkiller do with my money?

WISE, the initiator of Carbonkiller, is an ANBI organisation (which means it is designated by the Dutch Tax Authority to be a "Public Benefit Organisation"). WISE is largely financed by private donations. Before Carbonkiller was established, WISE received a starting subsidy from energy supplier Greenchoice. Carbonkiller will not make a profit from selling and destroying CO2 emission permits. In the total amount of the purchase, we include the price of the emission permit at the time of purchasing, plus administration and compensation for the costs of running the Carbon Killer website. 

The amount per CO2 emission permit that customers pay on the website may deviate from the current rate. This is because we buy (and destroy) large quantities at once, which we in turn sell to our 'Carbonkillers' (this means private persons, small businesses and other organisations) over the course of a longer period. We sell emission allowances for the same amount for which we have purchased them, so regardless of the price development before and after.

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