Regional workshop: National policies and industrial decarbonisation

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

In order to drive a deep climate transformation of heavy industry, EU policies such as a reformed ETS remain key. However, complementary domestic interventions will be required as well, in order to push for a swift, targeted and fair transition.

Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL), WISE and Germanwatch invite you for a workshop which will zoom in on this interaction: - What are the main developments in national industrial policy in DE, NL and BE? - What are the benefits and pitfalls of interventions at the member state level? - How have domestic debates evolved, and what has been the role of CSO campaigns and advocacy? - What are the opportunities for cross-border cooperation? We will share best and worst practices, and exchange examples for advocacy work. This is a hybrid event, which can be followed both online and in Brussels. 

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Recorded workshop with Q&A Follow it online of live at BBL office, Tweekerkenstraat 47, B-1000 Brussels

9:35 A European industrial revolution Domien Vangenechten, Policy Advisor, E3G

10:00 Industrial transition policy in Germany Georg Kobiela, Policy Advisor, Germanwatch

10:25 Industrial transition policy in France Jean-Michel Pourteau, CFE-CGC

10:50 Industrial transition policy in the Netherlands Michelle Prins, Program Lead Industry, Natuur & Milieu

11:15 Industrial transition policy in Flanders (BE) Tycho Van Hauwaert, Policy Officer Industry, Bond Beter Leefmilieu Discussion & network event Live at BBL office, Tweekerkenstraat 47, B-1000 Brussels

11:50 Discussion

12:30 Physical network event