We sell EUA’s, carbon permits, again!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Since the summer holiday we have a new batch of EUA’s in stock, so our shop is open. After you buy them, Carbonkiller will destroy them for you. By doing so, we reduce the emissions available for Europe’s biggest polluters and we send an important political signal.

Buy CO2 here!

The impact of buying and destroying CO2 emission permits depends on the number of people, businesses and organisations that are participating. It would be fantastic if we could buy and destroy large numbers of permits from the massively oversupplied European carbon market and raise the price. Hence our slogan “buy out the bubble!”

Political signal

Carbonkiller is a campaigne by WISE, who is working on the EU ETS for several years. We aim to make the carbon market work for EU citizens and the climate. In a consortium with 9 other European NGO’s, we work on the ETX project. Emissions Trading Extra (ETX) seeks to enhance climate governance around the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), the EU’s main tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial and energy sectors, and for ensuring that the polluter pays.